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Short Term Internship Opportunities with Fruit and Nut

Short Term Internships (updated 18/04/17)

The nursery is offering shorter-term internships of 400-560 working hours over 12-16 weeks. Short term internships take place mainly during the summer period (typically starting during the third or final week of June) but may also be possible during the spring or autumn. The internships can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements (for example for interns who are carrying out the internship as part of an academic course elsewhere). Short term internships are generally research-focused and project-based, for example helping with maintainance of the nut trialling beds, data gathering, mapping and recording of information. However, there will be opportunties to assist with the commercial aspects of the nursery too.

The work proramme will be based loosely around the seasonal requirements of nursery's flagship project: Agriculture for Climate Change: Land Rehabilitation and Small-scale Fruit and Nut Growing. Further details of this can be found on the studentship page (here).

The number of working/training hours per week will average 35. There will be considerable flexibility regarding the scheduling of the hours, including provision for a break period of up to two weeks in duration during the middle of the internship period. Training will be an integral part of the internship programme and will be tailor-made to suit the intern's personal requirements.

Who is the internship aimed at?

The internship is aimed particularly at the student who is considering pursuing a working life involving nut or fruit trees, or in food security-related land rehabilitation projects.

Accommodation and Board

The intern is not required to live in, however accommodation (timber cabin) and full board are provided if required. The food is vegetarian. In addition, the nursery will provide protective clothing and footwear.

Other Supports

Residential interns who are full time students or who have no other source of income will be eligible for a personal expenses allowance of €25 per week.

Applicants from outside Ireland

The nursery welcomes applications from outside of Ireland. Fluency in English is generally a prerequirement.


The intern will have access to the extensive on-site library covering horticulture, sustainable agriculture, tree crops, soil and plant science, land use, climate and micro-climate, global warming and many related subjects. The library is probably the largest of its type in Ireland.


1 Previous horticultural experience or training, ideally FETAC level 5 (or equivalent) or higher.

2 Minimum of one week stay at the nursery working as a volunteer (for prospective interns based in other countries who would incur considerable expense in travelling to Ireland, this requirement may be waived)

Prospective interns should be physically fit and prepared to work outdoors in poor weather (in practice, little work is carried out during very wet weather, but occasionally it is necessary).


Preference will be given to the 21-30 age group. Younger applicants who have the requisite horticultural experence will also be considered.

Further Information

Please contact us for further information. We strongly recommend that intending interns contact us at least six months in advance.