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Pre-Season Special Offers for 2019

Updated 16th July 2018

Please note that all offers are subject to availability.


Pre-season special offers on apples. These are for specific items for which we are reducing stock, and represent significant savings on list prices.

Terms: 50 percent deposit to secure order (full payment for orders smaller than 200 in value). Trees may be collected from the nursery late November/ early December or from 1st March to 15th April 2019. Alternatively, delivery to Irish addresses (incl. NI) can be arranged for all orders over 100 (500 for international orders). Normal delivery charges apply.

Offers all close 31st July (prices will be increased)

M9 3yr eating apple offer

Bush trained 3yr eaters on M9 semi-dwarfing rootstock; varieties Herefordshire Russet, Red Windsor, Rosette. 3 trees 48 (unit price 16.00), 6 trees 90 (unit price 15.00), 10 trees 140 (unit price 14.00) 25 trees 325 (unit price 13.00), 50 trees 600 (unit price 12.00)


MM106 2yr cider apple offer

Strong 2yr cider apples on MM106 semi-vigorous rootstock; varieties Black Dabinett, Dabinett, Harry Masters, Michelin, Morgan's Sweet, Somerset Redstreak. 10 trees 140 (unit price 14.00), 25 trees 300 (unit price 12.50), 50 trees 550 (unit price 11.00), 100 trees 1000 (unit price 10.00), 200 trees 1900 (unit price 9.50). Great bargain for someone looking to set up a cider orchard or add to an existing one.


MM106 3yr cider apple offer

Strong 3yr cider apples on MM106 semi-vigorous rootstock; varieties Sweet Coppin , Tremlett's Bitter. 10 trees 150 (unit price 15.00), 25 trees 350 (unit price 14.00), 50 trees 625 (unit price 12.50), 100 trees 1150 (unit price 11.50). Excellent value for the age of the trees. Will produce crops from the very first year.